Lingerie Feature ^-^

Imagine how excited I was when I saw this

I'm featured in one of my favourite blogs ever: The Lingerie Addict. The lovely Treacle wanted me to be part of her section "Photo Friday" where I dicover fantastic worlwide artists. And now, I'm one of them. And I'm thrilled because my biggest passion is photograhy and when someone as lovely as her likes my work, I feel like I won an Oscar. So if you haven't visited her blog yet, you should go right now. If you share our love for lingerie, you will feel in heaven ^-^

Lingerie Lovers Unite!! :)
Thanks hun a thousand times.


Strike a Pose

i seriously need time for myself


denim + converse


another outfit post. i'm not a big fan of denim outside of the regular jeans. call me classic but I've never liked denim jackets (they remind me to my school days...). But never say never and last week I went with mom to a local store near her job and I found this dress-tunic-whatever and quite cheap so I went for it. I didnt know how to style but I finally thought that the more simple, the better. I used my "stars" all-star and I put some shorts under the dress because it was quite windy. I wouldnt dare to use those shorts on the outside, because I bought them when I was 12 years old and even they still fit, my legs are not the same xD.

The cute gosthly brooch was a present from a friend at university. I'm always telling her to set up an online shop and I hope she finally do it because her designs are really crafty and lovely! What else? Black tights and my wayfarers. I have tons of sunglasses but since I discover my eyes are allergic to sun (YES! Im that weird) I'm always wearing them ^-^

Tomorrow, exam. Wish me luck!!! Thank u so much for being wonderful with me!! xoxo







dress: local store
tights: new york
shoes: converse all star
sunnies: rayban wayfarers
brooch: handmade
shorts: El Corte Ingles (10 years ago)




denim + stripes+ buttons

Quick outfit post :)






T-shirt: Mango Think Up
Shorts: H&M
Wedges: Zara



Hi bloggers! 

If you entered in my blog this weekend, you may have noticed a few changes in my blog :) I've changed the layout completely. I was sick of resizing my images for 700px wide (that gives plenty opportunities of your shots being stolen and it's a major pain in the ass...believe me, I lived that). So smaller columns and sidebar, more blogs on my blogroll, labels to classify my posts, beautiful wall thanks to blogger and a few posts that I should resize the shots because they are way too big :D

I'm still with exams. But I finish next monday the 28th so wish me luck!! This weekend I've been out of my town, without mobile phone, without internet and it's the most relieving experience. Sometimes it feels good to disconnect from the world and just breathe...Anyway, it's been a long time without doing an outfit post so you havent seen my new hair ^-^ It's nothing really different, just more reddish. I will show you in my next post :)

So now, back to studies. Thanks for being awesome!



worst video outfit : Fight for this love by Cheryl Cole


So today I'm inaugurating a new section in y blog: The Worst Video Outfit. I'm a massive consumer of musical videos and I'm always looking for new artists.

Today, my victim will be Cheryl Cole and her "Fight For This Love". I have nothing against her as a person. i think she is quite pretty and her style outside this video is fine but when it comes to her musical career ahem...no comments. I will not talk about her voice because I'm not a musical reviewer (I hope one day I'll be) but I'm sure my cat has a better voice...


Well, to the point. The clothes. If you have seen the video you know what I'm refering too, or not. I know a video is not real life, but you don't have to pick the most horrendous outfits because of that. In the video we can see 8 outfits. And all the trends mixed: stripes, lace, studs, wet looking leggings, leopard, militar, sequins...but not really well combined.

Cheryl Cole -1

I've never been a fan of tights or leegings used as pants but really??? you cannot use the same leggings for almost every outfit. It's tiring. It doesnt matter how great your butt is...its boring. And what about those studds in her hips, you are not Rihanna. And I'm sure she hurt herself with that. It's not trendy, it's uncool and useless.



And what do you tell me about the leopard print? It's the typical print that may enhace an outfit to it's top or destroy it to the worst imagined. And in this case, we go for option b). Those pants in the beggining of the video could be a pyjama, a really cheap pyjama. And the hoodie, sorry, the sequined glittery leopard multicoloured tye-dye hoodie?? it's the most horrible thing I've seen in a while.


And that lace bodysuit. We know it's a body, we dont need to see your hips. And you need a bra. Seriously.


But not everything it's bad. This studded-lace-whatever she's wearing, it's cool. or at least original. I like it., and she looks gorgeous in it. And the make up artist did a great job. That's my opinion. Of course you can disagree or agree ^-^

What do you think of Cheryl's clothes?

Screencaps: whatafeeling.org
Promo images: fanpop.com


cover girl

Plateform Magazine - Issue 11

because I've been a cover girl too
click here to see it

©Plateform Magazine
photography and pp: Me


a seductive trio




The Vampire Diaries
Ian Somerhalder - Nina Drobev - Paul Wesley
Montecarlo TV Festival


True Blood Third Season Premiere

On Tuesday, the third season of one of my very faves tv-shows True Blood had its premiere. It was in LA and there we could see the main characters of the series: Eric, Sookie, Bill, Tara...and also new faces and i-don't-wanna-see-you-faces (like Kate Bosworth...sorry I hate when someone is more famous because of her boyfriends than her work...do you remember ny of her movies? told you...). Anyway, Im expecting the third season like a kid is expecting his toys in Christmas so we want TRUE BLOOD now...

I wanna do bad things to you :^)

true blood season premiere 090610
Alexander Skarsgard aka the Gorgeous Eric Northman

true blood season premiere 090610
Anna Paquin

true blood season premiere 090610
Ryan Kwanten

true blood 1
Carrie Preston // Mariana Klaveno

true blood 12
Tara Buck // Kate Bosworth

true blood 123
Michelle Forbes // Rutina Wesley

true blood season premiere 090610
Deborah Ann Woll

true blood 1234
Natasha Alan // Brit Morgan

true blood season premiere 090610
Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin
(gorgeous couple inside and outside the show)

which are your favourites?? do you follow the show??

photos via: Aceshowbiz
copyright to: Jody Cortes / WENN.com


the real corsets: FairyGothMother

Nowadays, the corset seem to be a fashion trend. But it was not invented yesterday. Ladies involved into the gothic scenery have been using them forever. Now we can see cheap (and baaaad) copies of them in every single store we can imagine (zara, mango, h&m, and a big etc) but their quality and beauty has nothing to do with the real designers of them. From now on, I'll dedicate a post to every brand or designer that I think it's worth of be consider a Corset Artist. Hope you enjoy these series :)

Today it's the turn of the british designer FairyGothMother. You can find almost everything you want to feel feminine and sexy in their online shop but they're specialists in corsets. They also have created a lingerie line called Lulu&Lush with luxurious pieces than soon will be on my closet ^-^.

They've also done catwalks (watch here) and various celebrities and burlesque performers trust them for their appearances. If you live in the UK, lucky you! because they have a boutique in London (15 Lamb Street, Old Spitalfields, London E1 6EA). After this little introduction, I'll show you my favourites. [Click under the images to go the page of the corset]





All modeled by Morgana: http://www.threnodyinvelvet.com/
Copyright retains to FairyGothMother , Morgana and the respective owners