Frilly love

Frilly knickers 1

Good Easter afternoon! Hope you're having a good day wherever you are. In this post I'm about to express my love for frilly knickers. I only have two but there are tons that I would love having. The blue ones where purchased while living in Rome in my Erasmus year. They're from a store called OVS, famous there but quite unknown outside Italy. I got them for like 3 euros, they're not high quality but I adore the color and how cute they are.

Frilly knickers 2

The black ones are something completely different. They're the classic frilly knickers from FairyGothMother. I saw them a long time ago in their site but I got them on a sale the lovely Morgana (Threnody in Velvet and Iberian Black Arts) did on her facebook page (you should check it out, there are lots of cute things). These are fantabulous. I got a size Large (I'm usually a Medium) but this way I got more frills and they sit perfectly on my hips. 


These are the frilly knickers that I love right now. From left to right: 

Blue and pink satin frilled knickers from FairyGothMother (model: Ulorin Vex)

Peppermint frilly knickers from Playful Promises (model: Miss Miranda)

Super frilly black knicker with organza bow from FairyGothMother (model: Morgana)


Marta said...

Nice post and photos!


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nice blog!