shooting a video

Hi pals! It's been ages without entering here. I missed you loads!!

These two weeks have been quite busy with uni works, actual work, concerts, clothes showrooms and more stuff that I'll be showing.

Last wednesday I went to shoot some video scenes for a friend's upcoming video. We had fun while doing it, a bit cold (how I miss suuuun) but it was such an experience. Im afraid to say that Im scared of videocameras, I never like how I look but oh! the things you do for friends xD

If you are curious here's James Maad, the musician. Click here to see his myspace.

And now some photos. They were taken by me, Pancho and Willy :)


IMG_7974 copia
Pancho - guitarrist from Silent Vice

IMG_7975 copia
Jorge - Diana - Pancho
she had some awesome Jimmy Choo's for H&M heels :)

IMG_7991 copia
Edu, the director

Corrección de lente
James Maad and my tights xD

IMG_7994 copia

IMG_7978 copia

IMG_7984 copia

IMG_8005 copia

IMG_7988 copia

IMG_8007 copia

IMG_8016 copia

T-shirt: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Tights: H&M
Jacket: Pancho's
Heels: MaryPaz

Thank you so much for so many comments in my last post and for 60 followers!! SO proud x


Military Jackets - rock inspiration

ligeia_military jacket

After the good responses I read in the lace gloves post, Im doing another "inspired" post. This time about militar style-jackets and rock singers. Ok, Michael Jackson was THE one and only but a few more rock musicians have been rocking this style for years. And then, Balmain started once again :)

The 69 Eyes------------------------------- Richard Z. Krupse (Rammstein)


Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil)------------------------------- Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Note that this pics (except Cristina's one) are quite old, so who's influencing who? :D

My picks on this style


Lace Gloves - gothic inspiration


Lace Gloves...I used to wear them when I was 16. And gothic.

Now, 6 years later everybody seems to be crazy about them, and I don't understand the reason. They're uncomfortable, they don't warm up and they are really delicate. But they will always give the perfect gothic touch. I guess the fault is Madonna's and the eternal 80's revival (well, the XVIII ladies should have the recognisement of this but let's keep it closer heeh). Lace, velvet, vinyl, shoulder pads...yes, fashion is like economics: a cycle.

Well, to the point...lace gloves have been seen lately in Rihanna's, Rachel Bilson's, Nicole Ritchie's and, of course, Lady Gaga's hands but let me show you some of the professionals designs: the goth ones. I still cannot believe people that hated the gothic style few years ago, now is embracing it...crazy....


Estructures Etsy Lust

For those who doesn't know, Etsy is a site for selling and buying all kind of stuff but specially vintage and handmade. You can find EVERYTHING there. Lately, the fashion world has been fascinated with estructures, extravagant volumes, ruffles, layers...Because of that I've decided to put my fave picks in here from Etsy.

Enjoy the Lust!


Premios Guilles - La Noche En Vivo

Hello people!!How are you?

First, I wanted to thank you for all your comments in my latest posts, I really really appreciate them ^-^
Second, Ive got 41 followers! That's amazing. SO honoured you want to follow my little ramblings
Third, I'll get back all your comments asap, this week has been so moved :D

Last wednesday i went to the Guilles Awards, the awards that concert venues give to the indie artists in Spain. It was so cool, I saw a lot of actors, musicians and famous people from Spain...

Here are a few shots I took.Hope u like them! xoxo


Hola chic@s!
Que tal?

Primero, querria agradecer todos los comentarios que me habeis ido dejando en mis ultimas entradas, de verdad, sois geniales!

Segundo, ya tengo 41 seguidores! Todo un honor que querais seguir mis pequeñas historias

Tercero, ire contestando a vuestros comments tran pronto como pueda, esta semana ha sido tan movida...

Bueno, el miercoles tuve la oportunidad de asistir a los Premios Guilles de La Noche en Vivo en el Círculo de Bellas Artes. Estos Preimios los otorgan el circuito de salas de conciertos de madrid a los artistas indies del momento. Vi a un monton de actores (Willy Toledo, William Miller, Tete Delgado...), musicos (Zahara, Conchita, Carlos Jean, M-Clan, Vetusta Morla, Coque Malla, Vinila Vin Bismarck, Dover...) y famosos varios ^-^

Aqui os dejo unas fotitos
Espero que os gusten!
un besazo

willy toledo_1
Willy Toledo dando un premio

the right ons_1
The Right Ons tocando

Zahara recogiendo un premio de manos de Conchita

Havalina tocando

annie b
Annie B. Sweet, preciosa, recogiendo un premio con Pablo Carbonell

trancas y barrancas
Trancas y Barrancas! anunciando un premio

Vetusta Morla anunciando un premio

And now, the QUEEN of th night



Vinila Von Bismarck

and now me :D
i was wearing nude high heels the whole night but at the end of the night i put some flats on :)

with the Jaggermeister girls

IMG_7757 copia


t-shirt: zara
jeans: sfera
flats: H&M
blazer: pull&bear


floral tights

a quick update :)
these are the new tights I bought in Blanco last saturday for just 3 €! I dont know yet if I will dare to use them on the outside but I found them so cute that they had to be mine

Hope you're having a wonderful week


Tights: Blanco
Sweater: Zara
Bag: Misako