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I've got new shoes. And they're from Guess. New found love. Again.


yes sir, i'm wearing a shirt

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Hello everyone. First of all, thanks for the amazing response after my comeback.Today I'm showing an outfit with a very special piece. That shirt/blouse is not a simple piece bought on sales. It's made to measure. A while ago I started to notice that my wardrobe was full of t-shirts that made nothing to empower my outfits so i decided to invest in top pieces which could be suitable both for working and to go out. So when Tailor4less and I crossed paths it was like a signal. I've never ever thought about having a made to measure shirt because I thought it was going to be amazingly expensive or the design would be ugly. Nothing to do with this. For me it was a pain in the a** to get a blouse or a shirt who would fit my breast. I'm not a big size but in Zara it was almost impossible to get a shirt of my size that would actually close on the front or viceversa, if it closed, it would wrinkle or fit horribly the rest of my body. So I'm more than happy with Tailor4less and their collection of tailored shirts. Moreover the fabric is so great and the colour it's a fantabulous addition to my well know black wardrobe :) So expect to see this shirt more often here. If you're interested in this kind of products you can also find custom suits (for boyfriends, lovers...hehe) The rest of the look, quite simple to mantain the attention on the shirt: basic fit jeans from Mango (the only thing I bought on sales) and my beloved heels from PrimaDonna that I got in Rome a year ago. I could even sleep with them, they're the most comfortable thing I've come across in my life!! And the glasses, they're not for fashion purposes. I wear them on a daily basis hehe. 


Hola a todos. En primer lugar, gracias por la increíble respuesta por mi vuelta. Hoy os voy a enseñar un look con una prenda muy especial. Esa camisa no es una simple prenda comprada en las rebajas. Está hecha a medida. Hace un tiempo comencé a notar que mi armario estaba lleno de camisetas que no hacían nada para potenciar mis outfits, así que decidí invertir en mejores prendas que podrían ser buenas tanto para trabajar y para salir. Así que cuando Tailor4less y yo cruzamos nuestros caminos fue como una señal. Nunca se me había pasado por la cabeza tener una camisa hecha a medida, porque pensé que iba a ser increíblemente caro o el diseño sería poco llamativo. Nada que ver. Para mí es casi imposible conseguir una blusa o una camisa que se ajuste a mi pecho. No es que tenga una talla enorme, pero en Zara es misión imposible encontrar una camisa de mi talla que me cierre en la parte delantera o al revés, si me cierra me queda enorme de espalda o brazos, forma arrugas... Así que estoy más que feliz con Tailor4less y su colección de camisas a medida para mujer. Además, el tejido es tan suave y el color es un fantástico añadido a mi más que conocido armario negro :) Así que esperad ver esta camisa más a menudo por aquí. Si os interesa la ropa hecha especialmente para vosotros también podeis encontrar trajes para hombres (regalitos para novios y demás). El resto del look, muy sencillo para mantener la atención en la camiseta: vaqueros de Mango (lo único que he comprado en rebajas) y mis adorados tacones de PrimaDonna que me compré en Roma hace un año. Podría dormir con ellos puestos, son la cosa más cómoda que me he encontrado en mi vida! Y las gafas, no tienen nada que ver con fines modelísticos, tengo una curiosa hipermetropía jejeje.

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Shirt/ Camisa: Casual by Tailor4less
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: PrimaDonna
Ring: Kukul Segovia
Glasses: Calvin Klein


crazy cat lady


everybody who knows me is sure that im going to end living with 12 cats like in The Simpsons. wearing this hat doesn´t help much to that idea :)





kittie beanie: Asos


Teal dreams


After a small hiatus due to my mid-term exams (i've passed all that i know *-*) I return with another dose of lingerie. Nowadays I find myself browsing more lingerie sellers than regular clothing ones. That's maybe the reason why I have more than 45 bras in my closet...Today I'm showing you the Fifi set from Kiss Me Deadly. In these shots (due to postprocessing) the colour seems more bluish but it is a beautiful shade of green (and believe me when I say its beautiful because I'm everything but a fan of green). It consists on a high waisted knicker and a bralet who involves a lot of sideboob hihi (Catherine!!!!) and makes a perfect homewear set.






Bralet + knicker: Kiss Me Deadly
Cardigan: Vintage bought in Porta Portese (Rome)