Ciao a tutti!

How are you? I'm alive but not blogging as often as I should, mea culpa.
Things here are great, hence the cold, the rain and the "I wanna see my people" feeling. But I cannot complain: people here are marvellous, i can still comunicate in english (my italian will took me nowhere) and living alone is like heaven.

But down to more materialistic things: when it comes to fashion , italy (or i shoul be more precise: Rome) is not what I expected. I suposse fashion comes from Milan and goes up, because nothing arrives here. I don't want to offense anyone but I don't see "style" on the streets. People combine everything (and when I say everything is EVERYTHING) with the Hogan sneakers and colourful Pinko bags that, obviously, don't combine. They're weirdly obsessed with Hello Kitty and with everything glittery and strassy. When shopping, I ended going to the well known shops and mostly, spanish: Zara, Mango, Pull&Bear...H&M of course and the only italian shops that caught my attention were OVS industry and Primadonna (shoes)

But after this little rant, I'll show you a few shots that I've been taken here. I also missed photography but I've returned and I feel much much better :)

I promise to stop by in your blogs more often from now on.
Love you!





yes, i'm alive

Hi dearies!

It's been almost a month since I haven't entered here. My fault. But this Erasmus life is going to kill me hehehe. So much things to do in so few time. I hate to say this but I don't even have time to think about fashion or even internet. I spent quite few time at home, I'm always busy with something, which is quite good to avoid thinking about my beloved ones but I never take the stress out.

Returning to the point of this blog: I have just gone once shopping and I ended up buying only three items and the 3 of 'em black. Prozes are a bit higher than in Spain and Im not willing to pay 40 extra euros for some Zara shoes that I can buy cheaper in my country.

On other news I lost weight without even trying, so Im quite happy about that. I eat more than I did back in Madrid so it's heaven!!! But stop the ramble lady, I'm finishing by showing you a night outfit of the last saturday. Hope you like it!!!


Pull: Stradivarius
Flats: H&M
Belt: Sfera


My room

Ciao a tutti!

Believe, my italian is not getting better....xD Well, I've decided to post again since this blog seems to be dying (because of me basically hehe). Today Im going to show you my room. It's some kind of retro but thank Sweden for Ikea. Now it looks like a room instead of a pile of shit :) Hope you like it!

habita 3

habita 2

habita 1

habita 5


ciao people!

Sorry for the lack of commenting and posting but being on your own can be a lil bit stressing :)
How are you doing?? I'm finally able to post. My first week in Rome has been really really short and I almost didnt have time to see the streets of the city! So much papers to fill, partys to go, italian classes to attend...If you've ever been on Erasmus you must know what I'm talking about.

My first impression of Rome is that they're stucked in the past or Im in the future. No ofense for the romans but how can you live without a MICROWAVE and electric kitchens?? But anyway Im getting acostumed to the house and my room is almost done. kinda vintage, kinda retro..I'll show you when it's done.

So just a little update to mantain this blog alive! This is a photo I took on saturday before I left to a party.

Miss you!!!



Thank You!! 100,000 views

Tomorrow morning I'll be flying to Rome and I will stay there for 9 months.
I don't know when I'll have decent internet conection so wait for me till then

I'll miss you a lot!!
Wish me luck :)



I gotta place it on the rack, got a place inside it

bwr 2

Placebo - Scared of Girls

Ciao people!

How are you? Today I'm going to show you an outfit from the other day. Really basic stuff but I liked it. I bought this skirt the same day I got my "orthopedic" wedges :) It was such a bargain and I loved the cat-print. So, that's the main reason of Byron appearing hehe. And yes, he's wearing an harness and a leash because he adores going out for a walk (I still dont know if I have a cat or a dog hihi)

Have a good day!

pd: Pablo, I know you dont like the wedges :(

bwr 1

bwr 3-1

bwr 5

Zara t-shirt, skirt and wedges
Chanel Rose Insolent Nailpolish


the me that you know used to have feelings


Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming




sheer shirt: H&M // shorts: Mango // bra: Kiss Me Deadly // backpack: Primark // necklace: Bijoux Briggite // ring: H&M // bracelet: Handmade



parisienne 1
Jeans bought in Montmarte, Paris
Fun & Basics T-shirt (with a magazine)

Yes, I wished I'd live in Paris. But nope, I live in Madrid and soon I'll live in Rome, but that's another story, morning glory. These past days in my village we had such an strange weather as in the rest of Europe I think. Loads of sun and then huge storms so there was not a lot of room for skirts or sandals :( So I decided to use my paris jeans with a navy t-shirt that you could find with a fashion magazine (don't remeber which one, sorry)
And yes, I'm barefoot. I love walking on the grass, specially after watering :)

When it comes to trends, the navy one (in small dosis) it's my favourite. But more than navy, I love stripes. Horizontal, vertical, huge, thin, monochrome, ...I've been wearing them since my "gothic"days and I refuse to take them away ^-^

Other news: I have my ticket scheduled for Rome. I'll be off the 6th september and Im fucking scared...




if for some reason, you are similar to him: call me

Ville Valo - His Infernal Majesty


shopping in Paris


Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Before I bore with neverending posts about Paris and its marvellous views, I will bore you with a not so long post about what I bought in Paris. Apart from delicious macarons and cheese, I purchased a few things :)

Clothes: I wasn't looking for Zara (I entered there though...) or Amancio's stores. And Chanel, Louis Vuitton...are way out of my budget. So I entered in some vintage stores and couldnt find anything that I liked so I went to "The Citadelle", a place located in Montmartre that I visited in my previous trip to Paris 3 years ago. That time I found nothing but this time I saw loads of things but I ended getting those slim fit jeans and that blouse/top. I adored the detail of the zips in the shoulders. The hat is the typical beret and I've been wanting one forever. The shoes are from a store in the Boulevard St.Germain.

And culture, I could not leave Paris without getting those records of my 2 favourite french musicians. "IRM" is the last record by Charlotte Gainsbourg and "La Republique des Meteors", another masterpiece by the always awesome Indochine. Magazines: Italy GQ with Asia Argento on the cover and French Grazia with Charlotte :) And a book about Coubert, one of my favourite painters.

That's all folks, for today :)










Le Vernis
489 Rose Insolent


Anna Paquin for Marie Claire








Anna Paquin
Marie Claire

while I prepare posts from Paris, I'll keep you entertained with this
sorry for being awful commenting in your blogs but Im prepairing everything for my Erasmus and I have not time


como estaba la plaza? Abarrotá :D


i came back, but i'm leaving again 
just for 4 days, I'll reply asap
Paris was wonderful, again
Versailles, 10/08/10



Paris, je t'aime

Eiffel Tower

in a few hours, I will see you again
photo by me

I'm going to Paris for six days, see you on saturday!



i'm really angry because some asshole stole my Asos package
so FUCK YOU, son of a bitch.

that's why I picked up my camera and started shooting, that's therapy for me.
in the next post i'll be sweeter, I promise.

Self portrait - no editing


who doesn't want this?


i mean, the pola-wall :P
Jared Leto & Diane Kruger


beer, cigs and videos for rent


one of my favourite editorials ever
Asia Argento & Adrien Brody
Photos by Peter Lindbergh


I know somehow I should have been warned

Depeche Mode - In Chains

Aaaah the things you find on sales!
I saw these wedges first on my beloved Lorena and I went to Zara to take a peek. But when I tried them on I felt like a giant and the price was not really helpful, so I passed. I forgot about them until Chiara Ferragni posted a photo of these wedges bought on sales on her twitter . So the search began. I went to a lot of Zara's and I found clogs, clogs, sandals and more clogs but no wedges. But yesterday, I went to the Zara located in Gran Vía and what I saw?? A shelf full of 'em.The worst thing, all sizes 36 and 37. Sad face. I started to search for sandals and I saw it: the right foot, size 39!! But I couldnt find the left foot...but I did!! The best thing: the price, just 20€! can you believe it? I couldnt, so I left with a happy face ^-^

This shots are taken indoors because I didnt want to carry the camera during the whole day. As you can see my hall has Byron's toys all around and he was playing while doing the photos so he made a little appearance. Ah! and say hello to my new glasses!!

How was your weekend??



Wedges: Zara
Shorts, T-shirt, Necklace, Ring: H&M
Glasses: Calvin Klein