Lingerie as outerwear


Lingerie, more than ever, has become an important part of fashion and, this time, wants to be seen. Longline bras, suspender belts, girdles...they're more trendy than ever. And, as a big lingerie lover, I try to show it but obviously in a decent and tasteful way (I still cannot understand girls who show their thongs at every opportunity...) My beloved Treacle from The Lingerie Addict tweeted a while ago about her efforts to incorporate her lingerie to everyday outfits and this is my try for a party/night outfit. Do you like this trend?
Sorry for the low quaility images but I couldn't use natural light and artificial well, sucks :P





Deville longline bra: Kiss Me Deadly
Maxi skirt: H&M
Suspender: Intimissimi
Stockings: H&M
Heels: Zara
Bodychain: H&M


Glamorous Amorous

ruby van doren
photos by Morgana

For a long time, I´ve been regreting not buying this fantabulous bra from Kiss Me Deadly. The ones who follow this blog already know that I'm kinda (well, a lot) obsessed with lingerie and I specially lust over every Kiss Me Deadly line. The Ruby Van Doren was not an exception but at that time my budget didnt allow me to buy it so I had to let it go...till now. Two weeks ago I was browsing through lingerie sites and I found Glamorous Amorous and "TADAAAAAA" the ruby van doren bra in my size and the LAST one. It was the best moment ever. Sadly the suspender and the knicker were not my size but I was mooore than happy to find it :) So obviously I clicked on "add to your cart" very quick. Two days ago it was waiting for me on my mailbox. It was the first time buying with them but I don't regret a bit. Perfect delivery and such a wonderful packaging that, as you will see on the following photos, my cat enjoyed even more than me :) 
Hope I didn't bore you with this rant and that you like the shots. x






this post was not comisioned  and I was not paid to write it 
just expressing freely what I think about the service :)



abusing of b&w and AbandonShip Apparel t-shirt
self portrait - october 2011


Málaga Pt.I


Two weeks ago I went to see one of my best friends: Ale-Ale-Handro (well, Alex hehe) because he is studying over there for a year and after so much anticipation the day finally came and I could see him after two months :) Nothing really fashion-related. Just wanted to share the shots we took during those days. Hope you like them (btw, weird, but none of 'em are retouched)












Abandon Ship


Hi again!

Today I'm going to show you one of my new favourite brands nowadays. It's called AbandonShip Apparel. They're from the UK and they craft awesome t-shirts, vests and hoodies. What attracted me? *ding ding ding* Inverted crosses. So I've decided to make my first purchase. And then the second... Right now Im thinking about a new adquisition but I don't know which one yet :) Perfect delivery, really fast and any doubts? they are more than willing to help you out. Hats off to them!



Vests: AbandonShip / Shorts: H&M / Wedges: Zara / Suspender Belt: Kiss Me Deadly


i'm back...

...but not in black

Hello bloggers and readers.
After a (in my opinion, quite long) hiatus from posting online, I've decided to return. I don't regret it because now I've came back with more strenght and with actual willing for continue here. don't expect outfit posts everyday since I don't even know what I'm going to blog about. Fashion is not my main force nowadays (it never was) and I only wanna show you what thrills me, not just a bunch of pretty clothes that i'm never going to use apart from a shot. So here I am, it's me and I hope you'll like my evolution :)


top: mango
suspender belt: kiss me deadly

camera: 450D with 50mm f1.8 lenses