Ciao a tutti!

How are you? I'm alive but not blogging as often as I should, mea culpa.
Things here are great, hence the cold, the rain and the "I wanna see my people" feeling. But I cannot complain: people here are marvellous, i can still comunicate in english (my italian will took me nowhere) and living alone is like heaven.

But down to more materialistic things: when it comes to fashion , italy (or i shoul be more precise: Rome) is not what I expected. I suposse fashion comes from Milan and goes up, because nothing arrives here. I don't want to offense anyone but I don't see "style" on the streets. People combine everything (and when I say everything is EVERYTHING) with the Hogan sneakers and colourful Pinko bags that, obviously, don't combine. They're weirdly obsessed with Hello Kitty and with everything glittery and strassy. When shopping, I ended going to the well known shops and mostly, spanish: Zara, Mango, Pull&Bear...H&M of course and the only italian shops that caught my attention were OVS industry and Primadonna (shoes)

But after this little rant, I'll show you a few shots that I've been taken here. I also missed photography but I've returned and I feel much much better :)

I promise to stop by in your blogs more often from now on.
Love you!