10 reasons to be happy

yeah people, im back. I hate May and June because my exams are concentrated in those months and I cannot even breathe. May is over but June still has to come...FEAR.

Anyway, ive returned to post because the lovely Abernathy (ya me estas diciendo tu nombre ^-^) from Dirty Closet nominated me to an award: 10 reasons to be happy. Thank u so much beauty!!! If you havent seen her blog before, check it out right now because she will amaze you with her looks, her eyes and her great posts :)

So here there are my reasons:

pure love

1. My Cat
2. Be able to express myself in every way I want
3. Taking hundreds of pictures to discover a gem among them
4. Waking up with the sun
5. The looooong afternoons having tons of coffee and cigarretes with my university ladies
6. Smiling back to strangers in the street
7. Sara y Antonio, my best friends since I was 4.
8. Driving fast with loud music
9. Discover a new band to feel in love with
10. Watching old family recordings and discover that I was exactly like my little cousin, that I adore :)

And now, my nominees are ;) - you should click on those links, they're marvellous-

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Summer is here

1. Heat returned and the only thing we wanna do is throw away all the winter clothes

182/365 I'm so unsatisfied
2. We try our old swimsuits to see if they still fit

Operacion Bikini
3. Sometimes they don't, so we go on a diet

4. We try to get a tan

Blue desires
5. We spent ours in the shower

6. We go to the sea

7. or the countryside

8. or we stay at home asphixiated

9. Our eating habits change (and tummy feels it)

10. We rest a lot

11. Don't forget to hydrate!

Versailles Clouds
12. But the most important thing: HAVE FUN!!!

1. Bra: Etam / Jersey: Mango
2. Bikini: Zara
3. Bikini: Oysho / Necklace: Mango / Bracelets: Rara Avis
4. T-Shirt: Bershka / Shorts: Agua Viva / Sunnies: Rayban
5. nanana
6. T-Shirt: Easy Wear / Shorts: Mango / Sunnies: Stradivarius
7. T-Shirt: Zara / Jeans: Sfera
8. Shortie: dunno / Sandals: Mango
9. Top: dunno / Pants: Pull & Bear
10. Pull: Mango / Leggins: Calzedonia
11. Jacket: Bershka
12. Shoes: Reebok @Paris

All photographs by myself. Copyright retains to the author



IMG_0327 copia
H&M, (Bella's Choice and Fashionista )

Hi people. May exams are almost over. Only one left!! The bad thing? I start again in June. This year I don't have september...fucking Bolonia's Students plan...:(
Anyway, a quick post with my nailpolish. A few weeks ago, I went through all of them and I threw like 10...they're dry :( But I still have a decent collection to survive heheheh. Hope you like them.

odd colours due to pp

IMG_0326 copia
Deliplus (75, 64, 13) - Y que viva el Mercadona (aka Maradona xD)

IMG_0328 copia
Rimmel (dancin' queen 030, mover 080, dancin' queen 030)

IMG_0330 copia
Luminelle by Yves Rocher (lilas mat, rouge scintillant, mauve captivant)

IMG_0334 copia
who knows :) (red, white ATLEEETI, black)

IMG_0335 copia
Rimmel London (244 Natural) // Carlo di Roma (French Manicure Set) // Yves Rocher (Nail Strenghtener) //H&M (nail Hardener)
I no longer use this ones...I gave them to mom :)

IMG_0336 copia
Carlo di Roma (burgundy) // Mavala (30 Mexico) // NYC (6) // Rimmel Wear Max (294 Go Bare) // Bourjois (20 Rose Limited)

Which ones are your favourites? Which one do you use the most?



stripey body + vintage pants

IMG_0283 copia

Hello people!
I've been absent because I'm still with my finals and I don't have much time to do decent posts and commenting so forgive me. I'll try to come back soon. Thanks so much for your comments :)
The other day I went to the center to change my new converse because they were a bit bigger than I expected and I've decided to stop in H&M and I found this stripey body that I love. It's like returning to be a year old when our mommies dressed us with that kind of clothes :) About the pants, another vintage treasure, but this time from my mum's closet. It's loose, elastic on the waist and really really comfortable. I cannot wait to find more things there ^-^

IMG_0304 copia

IMG_0270 copia

IMG_0256 copia

IMG_0311 copia

IMG_0310 copia

IMG_0303 copia

Body: H&M
Pants: Vintage
Flats: H&M
Rings: H&M
Necklace: H&M
Nailpolish: H&M


Alyssa Milano

alyssa 500

A while ago, I did a post about my muse Asia Argento and today I've decided to do another post in the same vein. This time the "guilty" one is Alyssa Milano. You MUST recognise from her role in the Charmed tv series as Phoebe. But I didn't know her there. The first thing I've ever watched was "The Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire" a pseudo-erotic vampire movie which impressed me a lot (I was quite young when I saw it) and made me remember her face forever :)

alyssa 700
Image for the promo of her latest tv series

But you could also remember her because of her apearances in Melrose Place as Jennifer Mancini or, more recently, as Billie in the must-seen My Name is Earl. Also the ones who like soft punk-rock music will remember her because of the video "Josie" by Blink 182.

About her style, I've always loved it. Always really feminine and sexy. She has the ability to combine absolutely gorgeous tops with jeans and make them a fantastic evening outfit. When it comes to dresses, the short ones are her favourites with high heels or stilettos. But she also rocks the long ones. Don't be fooled with her "Charmed" clothes, the real ones are way much better.

alyssa 350alyssa-milano-350

alyssa 700

alyssa 350aly35'



alyssa 700


Long Dresses
alyssa 350alyssa 240


Short Dresses

alyssa 700


short dresswef

350 x777gtr

Alyssa 350x 650350 alyssa

Another thing that I adore from Alyssa is her hair. It doesn't matter if it's short, long, blonde, brunette, highligthed, tied, untied...it always suits her.

alyssa 700


alyssa-milano_08 350x560alyssa-milano_04

right: With her "sister" in Charmed, Rose Mcgowan

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