Frilly love

Frilly knickers 1

Good Easter afternoon! Hope you're having a good day wherever you are. In this post I'm about to express my love for frilly knickers. I only have two but there are tons that I would love having. The blue ones where purchased while living in Rome in my Erasmus year. They're from a store called OVS, famous there but quite unknown outside Italy. I got them for like 3 euros, they're not high quality but I adore the color and how cute they are.

Frilly knickers 2

The black ones are something completely different. They're the classic frilly knickers from FairyGothMother. I saw them a long time ago in their site but I got them on a sale the lovely Morgana (Threnody in Velvet and Iberian Black Arts) did on her facebook page (you should check it out, there are lots of cute things). These are fantabulous. I got a size Large (I'm usually a Medium) but this way I got more frills and they sit perfectly on my hips. 


These are the frilly knickers that I love right now. From left to right: 

Blue and pink satin frilled knickers from FairyGothMother (model: Ulorin Vex)

Peppermint frilly knickers from Playful Promises (model: Miss Miranda)

Super frilly black knicker with organza bow from FairyGothMother (model: Morgana)


Harness? yes, please


Dress: Asos

A blog post before the regular two months hiatus? Yeah, it's possible. Today I' blogging about a wonderful lingerie piece that arrived in my life. I'm talking about the Kordelia harness from Karolina Laskowska. If you haven't heard about this woman, you should start checking her website because you'll be amazed.

First time I've seen her designs was in a series of photographs Felice Fawn published. I loved the edgy, structured and specially dark style of those bras. Time after that, she started her own website, selling her garments. The Pentagram playsuit is still on my wishlist but what really caught my eye was the Kordelia harness.


And after months of lurking, I got it on one of the sample sales she did on her facebook page. You may think, "blah, that's really simple" but you would be completely wrong. I've worn it both as outerwear and as lingerie and it is fantastic. Works wonders for your cleavage and adds that dangerous and strong bit to any outfit you may wear.


In these photos I'm sporting it as outerwear with an Asos dress. Apologies for my tired face after 9 hours of work. I hope the vision of Byron will make it more bearable hihi.


Last but not least, Karolina herself is running a competition to win some of her goodies. So, click on the image to know more about this :)





Bra, knickers and suspender belt: Kiss Me Deadly
Foulard: H&M
Shoes: Mango

Hi there. As always, long time no see. I just got a new job and I'm the manager in a department of a news agency and life it's a bit stressing right now. But let's talk about the important things: lingerie! Today I've received the Ida set from Kiss Me Deadly that I've pre-ordered. And it's GORGEOUS. The shape of the bralet it's the same from the Delacroix range they've released a long time ago and the knickers are their classic big pants that sit perfectly on your waist.

However the LEOPARD print is what made me want it so much. I've always thought that this particular print can ruin or enhance a piece of clothing. In this case, it's option B. I seriously love it. And it's an awesome addition to my leopard collection. Moreover, the feel of the silk on your skin it's amazing.


As always Byron had to made an appearance.I'm starting to think that he loves the camera (because the camera already loves him).