Obsessions: Books Pt.1

A long time ago I opened a fotolog account (which is quite dead at the moment) called Obsessions. After a few posts showing my clothes, my lingerie and my dresses, I decided to do sth different. So I will start posting about what I like...my obsessions :D

Today: books.

I'm obsessed with reading. Since 2 I have developed some kind of huge adicction to read. I'm not the kind of person who reads just an only genre, but it's true that I love everything related to mistery and darkness. These books are the ones everybody should have in their bookshelves.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The first "adult" book I read.I think I was 8 or 9 when it arrived at my hands and it's been one of my fave books since then. The way it's written (like diaries) was something really new to me and made me "connect" much more with the characters. The prologue was quite scary though but when I was a bit older I enjoyed it much more :D. And believe me, it's better than every "dracula" movie you've seen (well, except of Nosferatu by Murnau but I dont know a lot of people who have seen it...). So stop reading Twilight and that sort of vampire-teen-love stories lol

The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Another one who thrilled me so much when I read it. I suposse that everyone knows how it ends but if you havent sorry to spoil it lol.I was a bit sorry about Gray at the end but I suppose being so narcissistic and self-centered has a prize...I wouldnt have mind being in his pants for a while though. I still have to see the Ben Barnes and Colin Firth film...

American Pshycho by Breat Easton Ellis

Ok, a confession, Im a fan of bloody movies and this is the best next thing :D While the movie was a bit dissapointing (really soft in my opinion but with a wonderful Christian Bale in the role of Patrick Bateman) the book is absolutely gore and so descriptive that you can even feel the pain (i may have a problem...ahem) anyway, if you cannot stand that switch to "Less Than Zero" another great novel by Easton Ellis which is about young yuppies in the search for the easy living.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

What can I say? just read it. And dont feel guilty if you feel sorry for Humbert Humbert, he was a poor child too :)

Hollywood by Charles Bukowsky

Bukowsky...he had that touch to make entertaining and easy novels with some sort of dark background. this one is hilarious and talks about the whole industry of cinema and how hard making a movie could be

El señor de las tinieblas by Alberto Vazquez Figueroa

I dont know if this was translated into english but it was really great. It's the story of a doctor who wants to find the cure for cancer and it's willing to sell his soul to do it, literally. I really really enjoyed it, and cried a lot too :)

Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe

Yep, that's the reason of my nickname. I read a long time ago but it has been my fave tale from him since then. Maybe because I felt identified...I dont know. Anyways, anything by Poe is woth reading so take a peek, you wont regret it.

And here I am reading one of the different versions I read from Poe's tales (it changes from translator to translator, yes I'm a freak lol) in my old room, and npe, I dont have a clue from where I got that pj and the socks were 0'5€ in El Rastro :DDD

120/365 reading Poe

I would be days writing about my fave books but for today its enough. I dont wanna bore you that much. Which are your fave ones??


Anonymous said...

Muy buen gusto. De Ellis a la larga quizá me quedo con "Menos que cero" y la ultima que publicó, "Lunar Park", que es brutal. Aunque cuando leí American Psycho y Glamourama a los veinte años, no había quien me sacara de aquellos libros.

Ligeia said...

@ Jordi: Lunar Park me dejo impresionada, raro hasta para él :) y Menos que cero es muy ochentero y me priva también. Muchas gracias por el piropo y la visita!!

Leigh said...

Oh yes an obsession mine too! A few here I have not read and will definitely put on my list, thank you!!


Treacle said...

I am also obsessed with reading but out of all the books you've posted, the only one I've read is The Picture of Dorian Gray.

My favorite book is actualy one I read back in middle school named The Giver. Very powerful and haunting story.

Vita said...

i want to see D. Gray! its a great book first of all! :)

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

Que bueno es el del "the portrait of Doran Gray" ya no solo la historia en si, sino los diálogos.. increible