worst video outfit : Fight for this love by Cheryl Cole


So today I'm inaugurating a new section in y blog: The Worst Video Outfit. I'm a massive consumer of musical videos and I'm always looking for new artists.

Today, my victim will be Cheryl Cole and her "Fight For This Love". I have nothing against her as a person. i think she is quite pretty and her style outside this video is fine but when it comes to her musical career ahem...no comments. I will not talk about her voice because I'm not a musical reviewer (I hope one day I'll be) but I'm sure my cat has a better voice...


Well, to the point. The clothes. If you have seen the video you know what I'm refering too, or not. I know a video is not real life, but you don't have to pick the most horrendous outfits because of that. In the video we can see 8 outfits. And all the trends mixed: stripes, lace, studs, wet looking leggings, leopard, militar, sequins...but not really well combined.

Cheryl Cole -1

I've never been a fan of tights or leegings used as pants but really??? you cannot use the same leggings for almost every outfit. It's tiring. It doesnt matter how great your butt is...its boring. And what about those studds in her hips, you are not Rihanna. And I'm sure she hurt herself with that. It's not trendy, it's uncool and useless.



And what do you tell me about the leopard print? It's the typical print that may enhace an outfit to it's top or destroy it to the worst imagined. And in this case, we go for option b). Those pants in the beggining of the video could be a pyjama, a really cheap pyjama. And the hoodie, sorry, the sequined glittery leopard multicoloured tye-dye hoodie?? it's the most horrible thing I've seen in a while.


And that lace bodysuit. We know it's a body, we dont need to see your hips. And you need a bra. Seriously.


But not everything it's bad. This studded-lace-whatever she's wearing, it's cool. or at least original. I like it., and she looks gorgeous in it. And the make up artist did a great job. That's my opinion. Of course you can disagree or agree ^-^

What do you think of Cheryl's clothes?

Screencaps: whatafeeling.org
Promo images: fanpop.com


Mirian Vega Román said...

Hola!!genial entrada!!
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la imagen que quieres que represente a tu blog
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los labels en lso que quieres aparecer
muchos besos, cuidate y gracias por interesarte en la idea!!^^*

allthatshewants said...

jajajajaja vivaaaa adoro esta sección!! creo que te daré unas cuantas ideas...jiji

Ye. said...

mmm bastante hortera, recargada y el estilista que s ejubile :P

Carla said...

Great post! And I have to agree with you and that some of Cheryl's clothes is... ehrm..

Lovely blog!!


Redhead in Law

gorgeousclara said...


me encanta tu nueva sección

la verdad que no me había parado a analizar el vestuario, pero madre mía...jajajaja

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

Si...bueno...kiero salvar de la quema los Christian Louboutin con tachuelas :)
es terrible ver que esta chica, aunque la vistas como un adefesio, sigue estando super guapa...eso no les pasa a todas.


PD: ¿qué tal el pequeño Byron?

carlota otero romaní said...

como me molan las pintas d esta pava!!:=)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

you can tell that she's trying way to hard to be stylish, its ridiculous!

Mapi said...

GUAPA!!!! gracias preciosa!!
te sigo niña MUAAAAAA

Ania Alonso said...

Genial la idea!
Un besazoo

Sue said...

jajajajaj me parece genial esta nueva seccion!!

que tal llevas el estudio???


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Hahaha poor Cheryl, what is she doing!

Saray said...

Una seccion genial!!!!:)

Paula R. said...

Tienes mail mío, has ganado los auriculares!

Dirty Hair Halo said...

ohmigod. it feels so pushed and unnatural.


Moda de Colores said...

no es mi estilo la verdad, pero se curra los looks. Besos

Paula R. said...

Guapaaa, te escribí al mail que me pusiste en el sorteo, el de gmail.com, de todos modos te pedía tu dirección y teléfono de contacto para que te envíen el regalito!
Dímela en attitudeatrome@hotmail.com

Un beso!

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

me encanta tu blog
es la priemra vez que entro..
es hemroso!


Carla said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por seguir! Pues uso la lente normal, la de 18.5mm creo!


Redhead in Law

Giovanna ♥ said...

El outfit de la tercera foto , con cierto arreglo, puede verse cool, pero en general no es mi estilo me parece un poco tacky. Besos y buen fin de semana!

Paula Taboada said...

Me gustan algunos de sus estilos aunque no todos pero la cancion me encanta :D

Zepequeña said...

No es mi estilo!


Nara said...

Vaya cuerpazo que tiene!! Aunque sus outfits son un poco complicados...me quedaria con el de la primera foto xD

Iris Castro said...

dios me encanta esta tia, y todas sus canciones, pero sobre todo la cancion de estas sesiones.

Los outfits de Lorena said...

me encanta la 1ª chaqueta roja =)

guapiii, qué tal con los exámenes??mucha suerte =)

1 besazo enorme

Abernathy said...

eeeeyyyy!!!! has cambiado de imagen!!!
que fuerte, al abrir tu blog la cancion que estaba sonando es la de cherry cole en la radio jajaja
un beso guapa
(que chula la foto de abajo)

Sarytah said...

su ropa? me encantaa!

Saray said...

muchas gracias :)))

Orchid said...

haha thats one cool review on the outfits...i dont even like any of the outfits seriously...yoo good at this. keep 'em coming!!!

Karen said...

Me gusta la idea de ésta sección! no me gusta mucho el estilo que le han puesto la verdad.


heart charlie said...

Whoa! these are awesome!

Missindiferencia said...

yo no soy muy partidaria del estilo de esta chica, pero las cosas como son, tiene un cuerpazo y todo le qeda bien!