Glamorous Amorous

ruby van doren
photos by Morgana

For a long time, I´ve been regreting not buying this fantabulous bra from Kiss Me Deadly. The ones who follow this blog already know that I'm kinda (well, a lot) obsessed with lingerie and I specially lust over every Kiss Me Deadly line. The Ruby Van Doren was not an exception but at that time my budget didnt allow me to buy it so I had to let it go...till now. Two weeks ago I was browsing through lingerie sites and I found Glamorous Amorous and "TADAAAAAA" the ruby van doren bra in my size and the LAST one. It was the best moment ever. Sadly the suspender and the knicker were not my size but I was mooore than happy to find it :) So obviously I clicked on "add to your cart" very quick. Two days ago it was waiting for me on my mailbox. It was the first time buying with them but I don't regret a bit. Perfect delivery and such a wonderful packaging that, as you will see on the following photos, my cat enjoyed even more than me :) 
Hope I didn't bore you with this rant and that you like the shots. x






this post was not comisioned  and I was not paid to write it 
just expressing freely what I think about the service :)


Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

lovely cat! :)

Princesa said...

Nice picture

Mapi said...

hola preciosa!! jo, hacia demasisado que no me pasaba por aaqui y nose porque... El leoncito de mi amiga Inma es de BimbayLola de la temporada pasada. UN besito linda. Gracias por pasarte y comentar MUUUUA

Bliur said...

Por eBay unos 6-7 lereles, y cunden mogollón nena, son enormes! :)

SH said...

lovely blog.

i invite you to visit also mine

Veronica Popoiacu said...

nice !

Nara said...

Las fotos son geniales ^^