Kiss Me Deadly

Today I'll talk about my favourite lingerie brand: Kiss Me Deadly.

For a long time now, Ive been following Morgana's work (seriously you should check her out) and when she announced that she was working for KMD I've become really interested.

As their slogan says, everything is "Elegant lingerie for femmes fatales" and they cannot be more right. Their designs are what every girl wants: beautiful, comfy, elegant and, of course, sexy.

The first piece I bought from them was the Van Doren line: bra, briefs and pin up briefs. And they've become my favourite pieces.

Pin Up Brief


Buy: Hepburn & Leigh (only 5 pounds)



Buy: La Magia (25 pounds)



Buy: La Magia (15 pounds)
Buy: Hepburn & Leigh (10 pounds)

The only problem with KMD. Once the stock is gone, is gone forever so hurry up because there are really few pieces left!! And remember that La Magia offers free postage worldwide!

To finish this post, a photo of myself :)


Bra: Kiss Me Deadly / Jeans: Mango

This photo was featured in the KMD page itself ^-^ click here


Ye. said...

En ti queda muy bien.

Treacle (Stockings Addict) said...

Yay! Another Kiss Me Deadly fan! I absolutely love that last photo you posted of yourself. And I've added you to my (new) blogroll too. :-)

Ligeia said...

@ Ye: gracias amore

@ Treacle: thanks so much missy!! <3

Krimly said...

oh my God!! xD
Love your picture!

te añado en mi blogroll que se me había pasado guapa!

Ligeia said...

gracias bonita!!! tengo que hacerme un blogroll YA!!!


.::P-G-de-R::. said...

joe... tunca me hubiese imaginado que serias de currartelo con la lenceria... :)