More Lingerie

Lately I've found that I enjoy buying lingerie more than clothes. I don't know why but I think that if you feel pretty inside you'll do it outside too. Wise words for today ^-^ .

Here is a selection of my fave bras at the moment. Some must haves for X-mas!!!

Which ones do you like better??



Krimly said...

wowww they are gorgeous! I prefer the last one although the first one is quite interesting!
However I know my boyfriend would prefer the fuchsia one, he goes crazy when I look like I little doll but I don't like it! I want to show my dark side (which I have even I don't look like that kind of person...) xD


Ligeia said...

@ M: hehehe, I completely see your point huhu. I also love the last one, but right now I spent way too much money in the first one's brand and now Im broke :S About your bf, send him a hint and we would love giving you them for Xmas :D


Treacle (Stockings Addict) said...

You know...I have the same problem. I have 5 drawer chest of drawers chock full of lingerie and just enough regular clothes to fit into a duffel bag. Lingerie addicts unite! ;-)

I love the Clare Bare and Mimi Holliday sets above. One is graceful and unstructured, the other is sophisticated and wordly.

So happy to have you on my blogroll!

Ligeia said...

We should make a gathering and rule the world with just lingerie and stockings!!! :DD

So happy you liked my selections missy <33