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Hello my beloved bloggers! I've been really absent from the online world because of exams, uni work and Byron who tries to catch my attention 24/7 so mommy has been busy :P. Finally today I moderated all the comments and I can only say THANK YOU for your support and your lovely words, they always cheer me up. I'll try to answer you asap. But to answer a few questions from my last post, I'll be in Rome since september to study economics there, but I dont know if I should go a semester or the whole year...Im quite doubtfull: next year will be my last one and since Im studying 2 degrees and i can only study one in Italy, I dont know if I should levae journalism and study another year or go only for a semester to rome and finish my double degree in Spain...what do you guys think??



Well, the main reason of this post is to introduce you to my all-time muse: Asia Argento. I suppose most of you don't know her because she's like a goddess of the underground but here I am to let you know a bit about her :) She was born in Rome 35 years ago and she's the famous daughter of the horror director Dario Argento (Trauma, Suspiria...). She is multitalented and turns into gold everything she touches.


I "fell in love" with her since I saw her in The Phantom of the Opera. Then I saw her singing with Brian Molko "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus"...If I have to blame someone of my love for Italy, must be her fault. She's beautiful, she's dangerous and she's not the princess, she's the motherfuckin' QUEEN.


Her main job is acting. Maybe you have seen her playing the role of a secret agent in xXx with Vin Diesel. I really recommend you B.Monkey with the gorgeous Jonhatan Rhys-Meyers. If you like gore movies, you should see The Phantom of the Opera directed by Dario Argento (not the crappy and sentimental by Disney...). She was also in Marie Antoniette as the dark Comtesse du Barry. I adore her roles in La Terza Madre, another one directed by her father, in Boarding Gate and Land of the Dead. Her presence in cinema is so important that she was chosen as one of the juries in the 2009 Cannes Festival. take a peek to her looks there:

Cannes @ Red Carpet


Cannes @ Day


She is also a director of movies and music clips. The Heart is Deceitfull and Scarlet Diva are amazing films that you should really watch if you are not really sensitive, they are quite tough and rough (not for everyone...). She directed videos for Marilyn Manson and Bluevertigo.


But she is also related with music. She is a recognised DJ in her country and she released and album with her fave songs too.

Dj'ing @ Opening of Hotel "Maison Moschino" // Dj'ing @ Moscow

But she also sings: with Munk and with Legendary Tiger Man.She also appeared in Placebo's "This Picture" video.

She's into painting, photography, literature, she has two kids, she's married with a director...a superwoman :)
I've always adore her femme fatale look and even now that she has relaxed in the destructive side, i still adore her. She's so elegant but at the same time agressive...and her tattos rock :)

She is not just my muse, she is loved by designers such as John Richmond.

With her dad // With John Richmond

cover girl
She's been a cover girl since forever.

Moreover Im sure you will recognise her from the campaign she did a while ago with Miss Sixty.

For Miss Sixty

For Relish

Hope you found this post interesting. If you wanna know more about her, check out her site, you won't be dissapointed. http://www.asiargento.it


Photo credits: odetoazia.com


Mai said...

Me ha encantado este post! Había visto a Asia en varias fotografías y siempre me había dejado alucinada su belleza, pero hasta ahora no sabía su nombre! jaj
Respecto a lo de la carrera, yo aprovecharía y me iría a Roma, si de verdad quieres terminar el doble grado en España me iría solo un semestre, pero si no el año entero.
Un besito!

Francesca♥ said...

im going to madrid in spain to do my third year as an english language assistant!

go for whatever you think is best ♥


Anna said...

In my opinion you should finish your double degree in Spain.
You are a great journalist already,
I love the way you introduced to us Asia Argento.

allthatshewants said...

que pasada de mujer, me gusta muchisimo el rollo que tiene!

Iris.kirei girl da madrid said...

Me ha encantado este post! Y me encanta ella, el rollo femme fatale con el romántico, genial. :)

Lo de la decisión es difícil, piénsatelo bien y seguro que lo que hagas será lo mejor porque será una experiencia única. ;)

Besos guapa!!

Aida said...

me encanta ella y tu blog!

claulovesfashion♥ said...

NO conocia a esta mujer...es super guapa!...unas fotos, videos y un post muy chulooo!!*

Visita mis blogs...espero que te gusten! >;-)


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

uh, a penas sabia nada de Asia Argento...brilla con luz propia la tía eh?
tienes q enseñarnos más fotitos de Byron :)
Lo de Roma...yo lo tendría claro (xq yo ya hice un Erasmus) y..yo me quedaría todo el año en Roma y más si me dejaran... Erasmus solo lo puedes hacer un año, periodismo seguirá ahí el curso siguiente.


Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous! great blog!


Luzhilda said...

esta chica es muy tú

Giovanna ♥ said...

Que lindas estan estas fotos! Me encanto su estilo!
Mucha suerte en lo que decidas :) A mi me encantaria estudiar en Roma, pero entiendo que no es una decision facil.

Anonymous said...

maravilloso post, oigo coros de angeles.

SiL y Javo said...

Uuuuu! genial post! me encanta esta mujer!
somos tus seguidores numero 100!!!!! vivaa!!
besitos desde LOHDZ!

gorgeousclara said...

Pues tengo que reconocer que no la conocía...pero además de guapísima se marca una actitud genial que se palpa en las fotos...

aunque lo del cine gore...ya lo veo un poco mal rollo...jajajaja

Los outfits de Lorena said...

guapiiii ya estas de examenes??yo em pongo a estudiar el 1 de mayo hahaha. que pereza y con esta calor!!

1 besazo enorme guapa

alfredo said...

no hay palabras para describirla...



Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

simply stunning love her edgy look! xoxo

Rocío Lafuente said...


Un beso.

Anonymous said...

Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario y por seguirme, estas cosas me hacen mucha ilu jejeje.
Yo creo que deberías irte a Roma.


Krimly said...

muchas gracias Eva!! vete a Roma que es una vez en la vida!!! si no te vas a arrepentir siempre! ponte las pilas ahora!!

mil bss

P.S. la semana q viene tengo ya dos examenes :S que rabia

Patricia said...

No la conocia y gracias a tu post ya me ha enamorado su estilo!
Un besoo