there's no place like homa - roma

A few post back I told you I got accepted for the ERASMUS Schoolarship but I didnt know the destination. Now I know it and I love it: ROME!!! I've already been there and I was fascinated by the whole city. The architecture, the art, the food...everything. I cannot wait to go there and know a little bit more the city and its night and its fashion too :)

I have no idea how I passed the italian exam because I dont speak it at all but thanks to Mr.Argento to make me understand your movies in italian, that allowed me to pass. So I will have a few months full of:

Delicious Pasta

Fantastic Music such as Lacuna Coil

Giallo Italiano all around :D

My Muse - Asia Argento

Tartuffos and Capuccinos everytime I want

Art at every step

Conclusion: I cannot wait to go!!!!


Luzhilda said...

Ahora entiendo lo de scabbia... jeje!
Llevo todo el dia dominguenado, que coñazo y que bajona, cuentame algo xD

Ye. said...

jajajaja qué perra! roma??? ESPERO PODER IR A VISITARTE JAJAJAJA

no está nada mal ¿eh?? :P

viva lo italian!

Zepequeña said...

Ñam, ñam, ñam!!!


Krimly said...

jajjaa me encanta el post!!!
yo quiero aprobar muchas para irme sólo con 5 asignaturas!! yuuuuuuu q diver!! :)

Kim said...

Thatpasta looks so good !

Mikk said...

...Angula con pasta negro??...

Maria G. said...

Hola!!! q buena pinta tiene todooo!! jeje! q tal el finde? un besoteee!!!

Vintage Obsession said...

beautiful shots ,loved your muse :) and was gaping at her shades :)

shibuu said...

Regarding the first image, italian pasta live(spaghetti, maccheroni, cannelloni)looks better than in the photos. Here in Italy I have never seen white spaghetti, I think they're chinese ;D
anyway I hope you'll enjoy Rome, and perhaps during your vacation in Italy you can visit other beautiful cities like Milan, Turin and Venice!


Missy said...

mmmm ke buena pinta es eplatazo de pastaaaaaaa!!!ñammmmmmm!!

roma ke pedazo de ciudad!!!! disfrutala cuando vayas!!beisnessssss

LA said...

Que afortunada!

Vas a disfrutar como una enana! Mi proximo viaje será a Roma, me invitarás a un Capuccino no? ;)

Muchas gracias por tu comentario preciosa!


Miss A said...

Y no te olvides de los helados!! Mmmmm

heart charlie said...

Amazing photos! I feel very inspired ;) I love that photo of Asia Argento with the stripe shirt!!

gorgeousclara said...

muchas graciassss

pero qué envidia me das...no sólo por el erasmus...si no que encima es a roma...no te puedes quejarrrrrrrr...


Los outfits de Lorena said...

tiiia que guay!!roma!!que envidia :)

1 besazo enorme mi niña bonita

Sue said...

joo que envidia me das!!

a mi roma me encantó cuando fui, bueno e italia en general!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

that last picure is so beautiful, your going to have so much fun!


Virgy said...

Lovely pics ♥

Laura said...

Entonces a Roma?bueno pues espero q me invites q soy una amante de la cocina italiana, cuando vayas dime q te voy a decir donde hacen las mejores pizzas de roma para q te comas una en mi honor jeje. Gracias x el comentario guapa, ya actualice el blog x si te quieres pasar!

Cris M. said...

Yo me voy en 2 mesecitos.. qué ganas!

allthatshewants said...

cúando vas?? que envidia! yo fui de pequeña y no lo disfrute nada!

Nanx said...

Damn the pasta looks so good I have to go find something to eat right now (:. I like your blog it has lots of lots of inspiring pictures

Abernathy said...

diooooooooooosssssssssssssss que suerteeeeeeeee!!!!! me encanto Roma, fue el primer viaje que hice al extranjero y me alucino, la locura de sus calles, de su gente....
me alegro mucho por ti, va a ser un año genial!!
un beso!

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Oh romaaa!
es encantadora, me encanata, llena de cultura,arte,historia, buah!
Te encantara!

medine amory. said...

This entry makes me want to go to Italy like right now! i have never been there, hopefully one day.

I hope you have an amazing time there.

Anonymous said...

such wonderful inspiration
love your blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing!
and thanks so much for your sweet comments!